Felucca Serenity: Exploring Elephantine Island


Embark on a bespoke journey with our “Felucca Serenity: Exploring Elephantine Island” tour, curated by Ramasside Tours. This experience combines the serenity of a private felucca sail with the expertise of an Egyptologist guide to unravel the historical treasures of Aswan’s Elephantine Island. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Egypt’s past as you navigate the Nile and explore ancient ruins, temple sites, and more.


  1. Private Felucca Sail: Enjoy the tranquility of a private felucca ride, offering a personalised and intimate experience on the Nile.
  2. Elephantine Island Exploration: Delve into the mysteries of Elephantine Island, discovering ancient ruins, temple sites, and the remnants of a fortified town.
  3. Expert Egyptologist Guide: Benefit from the knowledge of a professional guide who will provide insights into the historical significance of Elephantine Island.
  4. Roman-Era Nilometer: Witness a Roman-era nilometer, a fascinating structure that measured the annual floods of the Nile until the 19th century.
  5. Convenient Transfers: Experience seamless transfers in a modern air-conditioned vehicle, ensuring comfort throughout your journey.


  1. Personalised Experience: Enjoy a personalised tour with full attention from your Egyptologist guide and the privacy of a private felucca.
  2. Historical Insights: Gain in-depth knowledge of Elephantine Island’s history and significance with the expertise of a professional guide.
  3. Comfortable Transfers: Travel in comfort with modern air-conditioned vehicles for hassle-free pick-up and return to your Aswan hotel.
  4. All-Inclusive Package: Benefit from an all-inclusive package covering entrance fees, service charges, and taxes.
  5. Flexibility: Explore at your own pace with the flexibility to customize the experience according to your interests.


Upon your scheduled arrival, your dedicated Ramasside Tour guide will be readily available, holding a distinctive sign bearing the name “Ramasside.” No need for you to search; your guide will be there to welcome you, ensuring a seamless and stress-free beginning to your exploration.

As your journey unfolds, your guide will provide undivided attention, sharing insights during the drive and discussing various aspects of your tour that will capture your interest.

Board a private felucca and set sail to discover the enchanting Elephantine Island in Aswan, a legendary sanctuary associated with a Nile River deity. This personalised 2-hour tour, guided by an experienced Egyptologist, offers a captivating glimpse into Egypt’s intricately layered history.

Elephantine Island’s rocky shores conceal ancient ruins, temple sites, a fortified town, and a Roman-era nilometer that meticulously measured the river’s annual floods until the 19th century.

Concluding your exploration, your Ramasside tour guide will accompany you to your hotel in Aswan.


  • Pick-up service from your Aswan hotel and return
  • Professional tour guide
  • Felucca ride on the Nile to Elephantine Island
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned historical sites
  • All transfers via a modern air-conditioned vehicle
  • All service charges and taxes


  • Any extras not specified in the itinerary
  • Tipping

Tour Prices:

Single2- 3 Persons4- 6 Persons7- 10 Persons
Prices55 $35 $30 $25 $

Tips and Advice for Travelers:

  1. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for a leisurely exploration.
  2. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and bring sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun during the felucca sail.
  3. Hydration: Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated, especially in the warm climate of Aswan.
  4. Camera Ready: Capture the scenic beauty and historical sites, but be mindful of any photography restrictions.
  5. Currency: Have some local currency for small purchases and tips.


Q: How long is the felucca ride to Elephantine Island? A: The felucca ride typically lasts around 2 hours, providing ample time for exploration.

Q: Can I customize the tour according to my interests? A: Yes, the tour offers flexibility, and your guide can tailor the experience based on your preferences.

Q: Are entrance fees included in the tour package? A: Yes, entrance fees to the mentioned historical sites are included in the all-inclusive package.

Q: What is the significance of the Roman-era nilometer? A: The nilometer measured the annual floods of the Nile, providing crucial information for ancient agricultural practices.