Discovering King Tut’s Tomb Tour from Aswan


Embark on a mesmerizing journey through ancient Egypt with our Luxor Tour, unraveling the secrets of the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and more. Led by expert guides, this excursion promises an immersive experience, bringing the fascinating history of Luxor to life.


  1. Valley of the Kings Exploration:
    • Uncover the grandeur of the burial grounds of Egyptian kings, with a visit to three tombs, including the renowned Tomb of King Tutankhamun.
  2. Temple of Queen Hatshepsut:
    • Marvel at the architectural brilliance of the temple built by the only pharaonic woman to rule ancient Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut.
  3. Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III’s Temple:
    • Pause at the iconic Colossi of Memnon and explore the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III.


  1. Expert Guidance:
    • Benefit from the insights of expert tour guides, providing in-depth knowledge of Luxor’s historical treasures.
  2. Convenient Transfers:
    • Enjoy hassle-free transfers in air-conditioned vehicles, ensuring comfort throughout your journey.
  3. Entrance Fees Included:
    • Experience seamless access to all mentioned historical sites with included entrance fees.
  4. Personalized Experience:
    • Tailor your itinerary with additional activities if time allows, ensuring a personalized and enriching adventure.


Upon your arrival, your dedicated tour guide, easily recognizable by the Ramasside sign, will be eagerly awaiting you. You need not search; they will find you and provide a seamless start to your exploration.

From the outset, your guide will dedicate full attention to your experience. During the journey, you’ll engage in insightful discussions about the tour highlights and other aspects that pique your interest.

Highlights of the Tour:

  1. Valley of the Kings:
    • Witness the grandeur of architectural magnificence in this burial ground of numerous Egyptian kings. Explore three tombs, including the renowned Tomb of King Tutankhamun.
    King Tutankhamun, who ruled for approximately 10 years (1336-1327 BCE), gained international fame when his near-intact tomb was discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in November 1922. Uncover the lesser-known facts about the boy king during this tour.
  2. Temple of Queen Hatshepsut:
    • Visit the impressive temple constructed by Queen Hatshepsut, the only pharaonic woman to rule ancient Egypt. Gain insights into her reign during the 18th Dynasty (approximately 1490 to 1469 B.C).
  3. Colossi of Memnon and Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III:
    • Take a 15-minute pause at the Colossi of Memnon and explore the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III.

Upon concluding the tour, travel comfortably back to your hotel. Luxor offers a wealth of experiences, and if time permits, let us know your additional interests, and we’ll tailor the itinerary accordingly.


  • Pick-up services from your Luxor hotel and return.
  • All transfers provided in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Expert tour guide for a comprehensive understanding of the sites.
  • Entrance fees to all mentioned historical sites.
  • All service charges and taxes.


  • Any additional extras not specified in the program.
  • Tipping.

Experience the enchanting history of Luxor with our expertly guided tour, ensuring a seamless and informative exploration of ancient wonders.

Tour Prices:

Single2- 3 Persons4- 6 Persons7- 10 Persons
Prices260 $220$200$185 $

Tips and Advice for Travelers:

  1. Comfortable Attire:
    • Wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear, especially for walking through archaeological sites.
  2. Hydration:
    • Stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle, especially in the warm climate of Luxor.
  3. Photography:
    • Bring a camera or smartphone to capture the breathtaking architecture and landscapes.
  4. Optional Extras:
    • If you have additional interests or time, communicate with the guides to include more in your itinerary.


Q: Are entrance fees covered in the tour package? A: Yes, entrance fees to all mentioned historical sites are included in the package.

Q: Is there flexibility to add more activities to the itinerary? A: Yes, the itinerary can be tailored based on your interests and available time.

Q: What should I wear during the tour? A: Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, considering the walking involved in archaeological sites.

Q: Is water available during the tour? A: It is advisable to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated, especially in Luxor’s warm climate.

Q: Are tips included in the package? A: Tips are not included, and it’s at the discretion of the traveler to offer gratuities to the guides.