Abu Simbel Marvels: A Private Day Tour from Aswan to the Temples of Abu Simbel


Embark on an enriching journey with our “Abu Simbel Marvels: A Private Day Tour from Aswan to the Temples of Abu Simbel.” This meticulously crafted experience offers a deep dive into the ancient wonders of Egypt, showcasing the grandeur of the Abu Simbel Temples. With private, air-conditioned transportation and the flexibility to choose optional inclusions, this tour guarantees a tailored exploration of these magnificent historical treasures.


  1. Private Transportation: Enjoy the comfort and exclusivity of private, air-conditioned transportation from your Aswan hotel or Nile cruise ship to Abu Simbel.
  2. Abu Simbel Temples: Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Abu Simbel Temples, masterpieces of ancient Egypt that reflect the glory of the New Kingdom.
  3. Flexible Options: Choose from optional inclusions such as entry fees, a local guide at Abu Simbel temple, and lunch at a local restaurant, tailoring the experience to your preferences.
  4. Hotel Pickup and Drop-off: Benefit from the convenience of hotel pickup and drop-off, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.
  5. Bottled Water: Stay refreshed throughout the journey with complimentary bottled water provided for your comfort.


  1. Personalized Experience: Enjoy the freedom to customize your tour with optional inclusions, ensuring a personalised and tailored exploration of Abu Simbel.
  2. Comfortable Transportation: Travel in style and comfort with private, air-conditioned transportation, allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenic journey.
  3. Flexible Exploration: Explore the Abu Simbel Temples at your own pace or opt for the expertise of a local guide, enhancing your understanding of the historical significance.
  4. Convenient Hotel Transfers: Eliminate the hassle of transportation logistics with hotel pickup and drop-off, enhancing the overall convenience of the tour.
  5. Hydration: Stay hydrated during the journey with complimentary bottled water, provided for your comfort.


Commencing with a prompt pickup from your selected Aswan hotel or Nile cruise ship at your chosen morning time slot, embark on a remarkable journey lasting approximately 3 hours through the desert. Travel in comfort within a private car to reach the quaint town of Abu Simbel, home to the awe-inspiring Abu Simbel Temples. Depending on your chosen option, either manage your own ticket arrangements or enjoy the convenience of inclusive entrance fees.

Upon arrival, you’ll have approximately 3 hours to explore the magnificent temple complex at your own pace or opt for a guided tour. Should you choose the guided option, your knowledgeable guide will unravel the stories of Ramses, Nefertari, and the deities they symbolize, providing profound insights into the temples’ historical significance.

For those who have selected the tour with lunch, a moment of relaxation follows as you indulge in a delectable meal at a local restaurant. Subsequently, the return journey to your ship or hotel in Aswan commences, ensuring a seamless conclusion to your Abu Simbel day tour.

Additional Information:

At the designated time, your expert tour guide will collect you from your Aswan hotel. The drive to Abu Simbel, taking approximately 3 hours, unfolds in air-conditioned comfort. The Temples of Abu Simbel, regarded as masterpieces of ancient Egypt, bear the distinctive style of the New Kingdom, showcasing the grandeur and glory of that era.

Dedicated to universal gods Ptah, Re-Her-Akhtey, Amun-Re, and Ramses II himself, the Temple of Ramses II stands as a testament to ancient architectural prowess. Commonly known as The Sun Temple of Ramses II, it serves as an enduring symbol of Egypt’s rich history. The adjacent Temple of Queen Nefertari, also referred to as the Temple of Hathor, symbolically unites Ramses II, Nefertari, Hathor, and the Sun God.

After approximately 3 hours of exploration, the return journey to Aswan ensues, ensuring a comfortable and informative day tour experience.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Private, air-conditioned transportation
  • bottled water


  • Entry fees (Optional)
  • Local guide at Abu Simbel temple (Optional)
  • Lunch at local Restaurant (Optional)

Tour Prices:

Single2- 3 Persons4- 6 Persons7- 10 Persons
Prices195 $165 $135 $115 $

Tips and Advice for Travelers:

  1. Optional Inclusions: Consider including entry fees, a local guide at Abu Simbel temple, and lunch at a local restaurant based on your preferences and interests.
  2. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear suitable for exploring the Abu Simbel Temples.
  3. Sun Protection: As the site is in the desert, apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and bring sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun.
  4. Camera Ready: Capture the breathtaking moments, but be mindful of any photography restrictions at the temple.
  5. Currency: Have some local currency for small purchases or optional extras.


Q: Are entry fees included in the tour package? A: Entry fees are optional and can be arranged based on your preference.

Q: Is a local guide at Abu Simbel temple necessary? A: While it’s optional, having a local guide can provide valuable insights into the history and significance of the Abu Simbel Temples.

Q: Can I choose to have lunch at a local restaurant during the tour? A: Yes, the tour offers the flexibility to include lunch at a local restaurant as an optional extra.

Q: What personal items should I bring? A: Bring essentials such as comfortable attire, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and local currency for personal expenses.